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STARC has been active in supporting and promoting innovation in the development of technologies and methodologies for the implementation of scientific visualization (including 3D) aspects of research and communication of Cultural Heritage. By securing approximately half a million Euros for a period of 6 years via a number of EC funded initiatives, STARC is conducting world widely recognized innovative research in defining new research paradigms in Cultural Heritage, developing research methodologies that take full advantage of existing visualization technologies, developing new ones or adapting existing ones and training young researchers and PhD candidates in a most innovative research environment.

This is of high relevance for Cypriot society: it improves and modernizes the research and presentation of its history and the remains of its past, which in turn supports tourism. In Cyprus, heritage and culture are among the main attraction factors for visitors, according to the World Tourism Organization. STARC has laid the foundation in Cyprus for the creation of virtual museums with the rich material available in museums, monuments, churches and archaeological sites on the island. The strong cooperation in this field with leading institutions in the world, among them NCSA at the University of Illinois, Fraunhofer IGD Institute of Germany and CNR-ISTI in Italy will lead to the development of state-of-the-art infrastructure, innovative research methodologies and visionary technologies in the field of archaeology and cultural heritage.

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