European Research Infrastructure on Heritage Sciences

The European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) launched on the 10th of March 2016, the newly approved projects on development of large-scale Pan-European research infrastructures. Among the six selected, E-RIHS (European Research Infrastructure on Heritage Sciences) has been chosen to answer the long-term needs of European research communities, recognizing Heritage Sciences as a top priority research topic in Europe.

Heritage Science is a cross-cutting domain that embraces a wide range of research disciplines while supporting the various aspects of tangible heritage conservation, interpretation and management. E-RIHS connects researchers in the humanities and natural sciences and fosters a trans-disciplinary culture of exchange and cooperation while offering access to a wide range of cutting-edge facilities, high-level scientific instruments, methodologies, data and tools for advancing knowledge and innovation in the study and preservation of heritage. E-RIHS will address issues such as:

• How can we apply science to our heritage?

• How can we better study and preserve our heritage?

• How can we help researchers work to advance knowledge about heritage and strategies for its preservation?