E-RIHS | national node research infrastructure | Cyprus

The Cypriot National Node

The Science and Technologies for Archaeological Research Center (STARC) of the Cyprus Institute is a partner in this ambitious endeavor. Along with other 17 European countries, Cyprus became a founding member of E-RIHS, which today gathers more than 80 of top Heritage Sciences research institutions and facilities in Europe.

The Cyprus Institute brings into E-RIHS its scientific expertise and advanced research infrastructure, consolidating and further developing its capacities matured in the last 7 years of successful implementation of EU projects such as STARLAB (a mobile infrastructure for Archaeological Sciences), ARIADNE (a research infrastructure for sharing archaeological datasets), ARCLAND (advancing the use of remote sensing and digital documentation in archaeology) or GRAVITATE (3D re-assembly and restoration of heritage objects).

E-RIHS recognizes the particularly important role The Cyprus Institute fulfills in the consortium, being its representative in the southeastern Mediterranean, one of the richest areas of Europe in terms of Cultural Heritage and thus functioning as a research hub for the entire region. As such, its crucial role will be to develop research, offer access to research infrastructure and provide periodic training to young or advanced researchers and students.